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Seasonality 1.5.1

Seasonality 1.5.1

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Seasonality Publisher's Description

First Impressions

When you open Seasonality for the first time, weather information is automatically loaded for the location configured for your Address Book "Me" card. To add more locations, simply hit the + button in the bottom left corner of the window (or remove a location by hitting the - button). A panel will be displayed where you can enter a search string to find locations. The search string can either be a city, state, country, zip code, or airport ICAO identifier. As you type characters into the search field, Seasonality will search and display the locations that match the text you've entered. Over 34,000 locations in 202 countries around the world come standard in Seasonality's location database. Users can also add their own custom locations, and any number of locations can be added to the location sidebar.

Weather Forecast

Seasonality displays a 7 day weather forecast and astronomical information at the top of the window. Forecast information is as accurate as possible. For locations in the United States (excluding Alaska), forecast data comes directly from the National Weather Service. The forecast for locations outside the United States is gathered from GFS forecast model output and processed on the Gaucho Software Forecast Server. High and low temperatures are displayed along with icons representing the conditions for those time periods and a short text description of what the weather will be like.

Weather Graph

Seasonality displays a weather graph in the lower left part of the window. Weather conditioons are collected whenever Seasonality is opened and will save them into a local database. Conditions for most locatioons are available for the past 96 hours, so you only need to open the application once every 4 days to have a full collection of data. The weather graph displays any data you have previously collected, and you can change the horizontal graph range from 1 day to 1 year by dragging the slider at the bottom. If you want to view data prior to what is shown on the graph, just grab the graph with the mouse, and slide it over to the right to show past conditions. High and low temperatures for the graph time frame are also displayed on the graph along with the time they occurred.

Satellite Image

Seasonality will display a detailed view of the terrain surrounding each location. The background terrain is taken from NASA's Blue Marble satellite imagery and has a resolution of 1 pixel for every square nautical mile. For global locations, a satellite cloud map image is overlayed on top of this terrain. The satellite cloud map is updated every 3 hours, so you may notice a slight delay in what the map displays and the cloud cover that is currently present. Seasonality automatically finds the largest cities near your location and marks them on the map. You can adjust the zoom to either take a closer look or get a broader picture by using the slider at the bottom of the window. Click and drag on the map with your mouse to pan to different areas.

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